Sailing and windsurfing
Sailing and windsurfing is a recreational, ornamental, adventurous and competitive project. It is a water sport that uses sails to promote sailing and windsurfing to race within a specified distance. It has become one of the most popular and popular sports activities in coastal countries and regions of the world.
Sailing boats are divided into two types, namely, stable sail boats and keel sail boats. The steeply sailing boat is light and flexible, and can travel in shallow water. The Finnish, 470, Starlight, and Tonado class in the Olympic Games are all of this kind, and it is the most popular sailing boat in the world. The keel sail boat, also known as the stable rudder boat, is large and inflexible, has good stability and strong sail force, and can only travel in deep water. The storm type and Soling type in the Olympic Games are all of this kind. The race will sail around the buoy on the open sea. The venue will consist of three buoys forming an equilateral triangle. The length of each channel will not be less than 2 nautical miles to 2.5 nautical miles.
Windsurfing is a new water sport between sailing and surfing. windsurfing consists of a board with a stabilizer, a mast with a universal joint, a sail and a mast. Athletes use the natural wind force on the sail to stand on the board, use the mast to control the sail to make the sail generate speed to drive on the water, and turn on the water by changing the wind center of the sail and the center of gravity of the board. Because of its close relationship with surfing, it is also called wind surfboard or windsurfing.