One of the methods is about ball. And we need the Yoga ball, alhough there are many exercises to do with the Yoga ball, I will introduce you a method about strengthening and lifting your tush.

How to do:Firstly, you need a Yoga ball.Then, start with arms behind head (elbows wide), upper back pressed into stability ball (or elevated surface, like a couch), legs bent, feet flat on floor, and hips hovering above the floor. Lean back into stability ball and lift hips toward ceiling until thighs are parallel to mat. Return to start. That's one rep.

Or,you can standing glute kickback.

How to do: Stand with weight on right foot and left leg long behind body with toes pointed and resting on floor. Bend right knee slightly and hinge at hips to lower torso forward slightly. Clasp hands in front of body. This is your starting position. Then, engage through left glutes to kick straight left leg back and up until nearly parallel with floor. Slowly and with control, reverse the movement to return to start.

If you want to make your tush more better,the Yoga ball is essential.So, come on!