Take you to see Surfing - Guide to the purchase of electric surfboards

In traditional surfing, one of the biggest problems is that you must find the right waves. The natural waves are beyond our control, but they will really affect your enthusiasm for learning. People travel around the world only to find the perfect waves, but when the sea is calm, surfers can do nothing. Unless you have an electric surfboard.
The electric surfboard perfectly eliminates the requirements for waves and surfing conditions. Broke the limits of the sport. Of course, there is an additional advantage: if you live in a place without waves, electric surfboards can still let you enjoy surfing. Therefore, when you come to the seaside and find that there are no waves in despair, buying an electric surfboard is a perfect choice!
Buying an electric surfboard involves many different considerations. Compared with ordinary surfboards, these electric surfboards have larger working components and complexity, so finding a suitable surfboard may be a challenge. Before purchasing an electric surfboard, you need to know what you are suitable for. Here are some important things to pay attention to when purchasing an electric surfboard. Let's take a look:
Plate type
Electric surfboards cover a wide range of categories, with a variety of shapes and sizes of load options. This should be based on your experience, size and weight, and where you plan to surf.
It can be divided into the following three categories:
Electric surfboard: similar to the standard surfboard we often see. Compared with the other two, it has the largest power and fastest speed.
Electric vertical paddle board: also known as SUP board, similar to traditional paddle board. The difference is that it is equipped with an electric propeller at the tail.
Hydrofoil Surfboard: Surfboard is combined with battery, driver, motor, propeller and hydrofoil. Realize the "Bernoulli principle" (similar to the principle of airplane takeoff), so as to generate thrust, which will lift the player from the water and move forward at a high speed, giving the player the feeling of "surfing" on the water.
Warranty duration
Without knowing all the surfboard brands on the market, it will be more secure to choose one with a relatively longer warranty period. Of course, the manufacturer's after-sales service is equally important. It's not cheap to buy an electric surfboard. You must carefully study the warranty duration and other details.
Plate material
Electric surfboards are usually made of two materials, solid board or inflatable board. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The solid board is generally faster and more suitable for riding huge waves, but the board surface does not have any elasticity, and the comfort of standing for a long time is poor.
The inflatable panel is easier to transport, lighter, easier to store, and convenient to carry when traveling. However, they do not always perform as well as solid slabs.
In addition, when it comes to weight, inflatable panels are lighter than solid panels. However, solid surfboards with different materials and service life are more expensive than inflatable electric surfboards.
Surfboard surface
If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you choose a relatively rough board with stronger grip. However, in the long run, although the smooth surface is not conducive to balance, it is far more comfortable than the former.
Surfboard speed
The speed of electric surfboard can reach 30 kilometers per hour to more than 50 kilometers per hour. Different surfboards will be equipped with remote control devices to help you control the speed. If you are just learning, please make sure to set up low-speed practice when it is safe.
Surfboard fin
It is different from the fins attached to the traditional surfboard type. For different types of boards, some fins are fixed, while others can be disassembled. The advantage of a good fin is that it increases your speed in the water. In addition, fins help maintain better balance and overall stability.
Battery life
Select according to your requirements for the speed or use duration of the electric surfboard. The faster the speed is, the weaker the battery's endurance will be, and the battery power consumption will be faster when you use the electric surfboard at high speed. A slower surfboard will have a longer battery life. Some good batteries can last 45 minutes to more than an hour under normal use. The electric surfboard with weak battery can be used for about 20 minutes on average.
Plate thickness
There is a significant relationship between the thickness of the plate and the stability it provides. When there is more foam in the board, higher buoyancy and safety can be achieved. Of course, according to the design, the thickness of the plate will be different in different areas, so the agility of the plate will also change. If you are a novice, this may be a difficult choice. It is recommended to bring an experienced person to buy with you.
Weight and length
Because the surfboard is made of various materials, it is wrong to say that the bigger the size is, the heavier the surfboard will be. It depends on how you surf; Many people find the big board easier to control. Others may feel that the stability of the small board is better.
The average weight of the board is more than 10 kg to 40 kg. Height may generally be the height of one person. If you are tall, you can consider longer boards. Standing on the board, you should be able to make proper balance movements, and the standing position of your legs should be able to extend. Wider and longer boards are better for tall people to stretch, and vice versa. Basically, the heavier your weight, the more power the motor needs.