Windsurfing is a new water sport between sailing and surfing. The sail board is composed of a board body with a stabilizing board, a mast with a universal joint, a sail and a mast. Athletes stand on the board, use the natural wind force blowing on the sail, manipulate the sail through the mast, make the sail generate movement speed, drive on the water, and turn by changing the wind center of the sail and the center of gravity of the board, which can be carried out at sea or in the Jianghu.
Because of its close relationship with surfing, windsurfing is also known as windsurfing or windsurfing. The windsurfing competition is a level competition in the sailing sport, and is actually an independent sports event. Generally, it is divided into single, double and multi-person events, including triangle round standard race, long-distance race, obstacle skating race, free skating race and other events. At present, the Olympic windsurfing competition has only one event, namely, triangle marking. The way of competition is the same as that of sailing.
The men and women athletes in the windsurfing triangle round the standard compete in groups. Men are divided into several grades according to their weight, and those of the same grade set sail at the same time. The competition is conducted in the water area of an approximately equilateral triangle composed of three turning signs. The linear distance between standards is 1-1.5 kilometers. Sailing against the wind, sail around the 1, 2, 3, 1, and 3 signs according to the specified route, and score in the order of arrival at the destination. Seven rounds of the competition will be held, and the total of the best results of the six rounds will be used to evaluate the ranking.
The windsurfing equipment is simple and light. The international uniform type of Mystra class windsurfing board is 3.72 meters long, 0.65 meters wide, 0.2 meters thick, 4.95 meters long, 2.2-2.4 meters long, 7.4 square meters long, and the full set of weight is less than 20 kg. The competition is suitable for playing on the stormy sea, or in inland rivers and lakes, as long as it can be played on the windy water.
The windsurfing originated from the Hawaiian Islands, a world surfing resort in the late 1960s. In June 1970, an American surfer, Suvans, designed and manufactured the world's first sail board with universal joint, and obtained the patent right. Since then, the local windsurfing craze has quickly spread to Europe, Oceania and Southeast Asia, and now the global windsurfing craze is surging.
Because of the novelty, thrill, mystery and dynamic beauty of windsurfing, windsurfing also has unique advertising and communication advantages. For example, airships or balloons can be used for advertising over the field, billboards can be set up on the beach and land, and each colorful sail of windsurfing in the sea competition can become an event billboard, so the windsurfing competition not only attracts the audience, but also attracts many advertisers. Nowadays, windsurfing can be seen as long as there is a beach in foreign countries. In the United States, windsurfing and boxing, basketball and baseball are rated as the four sports with the highest viewing value.
Sailing is a veritable extreme sport. Once you sail out, your vision, smell and touch will be opened by the vast sea and sky, which will make your body and mind melt together in the blue waves and sea breeze. No wonder so many windsurfing enthusiasts have traveled all over the world to complete a unique "sea and sky flight" journey