well! This is windsurfing you don't know
Windsurfing combines the characteristics of sailing and surfing. Windsurfers use the wind to push the board to their feet and cross the water. This is a very handsome water sport. This time, we will enter the world of windsurfing and have a different water trip!
Sailing and surfing originated from Polynesian water crafts in the 20th century. Fishermen and sailors generally use small sailboats to sail in an upright position in the Pacific Ocean. Modern windsurfing has different stories.
In 1964, Sidney Newman Darby Jr. used nylon rope universal joint to connect a simple portable sailboat to a board. After testing in the lake, he knew that he had developed different things.
From the 1970s to the 1990s, windsurfing in Europe was greatly expanded. During the 1984 Summer Olympics, windsurfing became one of the water sports of the Olympics. The first Olympic windsurfing was the windsurfing board "Windglider" made by Fred Ostermann in Europe.
Windsurfers can sail in the ocean, rivers, lakes, and even in indoor swimming pools. Sailing enables riders to make huge jumps and accelerate in flat and bumpy waters.
The Canary Islands, Egypt, France, Florida, North Carolina, California, the Netherlands, Greece, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and other regions are also some of the best places for windsurfing and surfing.
If you love windsurfing, you will be the most handsome