1. Closed fishing line wheel: It is composed of rocker stop key, crank reel cover, outlet hole and other parts.

2. Digital display drum wheel: - drum wheel with electronic display, usually used for sea fishing. The depth and

The length of the cast line is mostly used for sea fishing.

3. Spinning wheel, also known as spinning type, is the most common one, and is also the one most used by casting enthusiasts. Its advantages are light, flexible and structural

Simple and convenient to use. The spinning fishing line wheel is mainly used for fishing in the sea (shallow) water in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and other natural waters.

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4. Flywheel: It is the main fly fishing wheel and also the abbreviation of fly fishing line wheel- It is generally made of aluminum alloy or zinc alloy materials, mainly including large, small, medium and various models

In fly fishing, hollow fishing lines are often used, and there is a variable diameter (the head of the line is thin, and the middle is slightly thick), so it requires that the notch of the fishing line wheel be slightly thicker than the diameter of the fishing line wheel of ordinary spinning models. Because of flying

The fly fishing method is different from the rod throwing method. Therefore, it has the characteristics of simple structure, light and flexible.

5. Double shaft drum type fishing line reel: also known as carcass thread winder, because of the advantages of double bearings and large diameter of winding groove, it has small winding resistance, high speed and can be accommodated in the winding groove

The 400~500m long fishing line should be used to equip heavy cast rods for sea fishing. The main fishing targets are some large sea fish with strong struggling ability

Class. Because the double shaft drum type fishing line wheel is used for fishing big fish, the fishing line wheel should be reinforced before fishing to prevent the fork type gear type fishing line wheel from loosening when loading big fish: also called rod, reel groove, fork nut, bolt and other components. On the fork gear type fishing line head, the fork gear slot is used to replace the winding slot to fix the storage line shaft head through the tolerance fit between the shaft rod and the rod body. When paying off or taking up, loosen or tighten the fixing bolt, and the fishing weft wheel is a drum type fishing line wheel. It is usually composed of winding rod rocker arm, side plate, wheel foot, counterweight and other components. It is mainly used in medium depth marine boat fishing, beach fishing and rock fishing. The specifications are relatively complete. Generally, it is equipped with open, half stop, stop and other switches. Its structure is simple and light. The drum type single bearing fishing reel is composed of side plate, stop pin, roll armor groove, rocker arm, counterweight foot and other parts. The winding groove is like a drum, the diameter is larger than the spinning wheel, the take-up speed is fast, and it is similar to the Luya fishing flywheel. There is a switch under the bearing with stop and half stop knobs, which has better performance.