The principle of hand warming treasure can be divided into three types:
1. The hot water bag, commonly known as the hot water bag, heats up by heating water. It is different from the traditional hot water bag. The hot water bag saves the trouble of adding water. As long as you plug in the power supply and wait for 10 minutes, you can heat up. In fact, you boil the water inside, so the temperature is usually very high.
2. It is heated by chemical reaction. The hand warmers on the market are of this type. The heat generated by the contact of chemical substances in the hand warmers is about 40 ℃.
3. It uses the lithium battery function. The internal heater heats up. It uses the USB interface to charge and discharge. It is similar to the warm hand mouse pad. Because the lithium battery can charge and discharge, it can generally be used as a mobile power supply. Small size, easy to carry, temperature can reach about 50 degrees.
With the improvement of people's living standards, the electric heating treasure has become an essential part of the family. After all, it can be used for heating, physical therapy, and hot compress. Because the iron shell was inconvenient to carry, the water storage electric heating treasure appeared. The material is soft or velvet, soft, without any chemical heating agent, no odor, and has higher thermal efficiency.
Features of Hand Warming Treasure
1. Lithium battery is used for energy supply. It has large capacity and is more environmentally friendly. It can be recycled. It can be charged for 3-4 hours and kept warm for 6-7 hours at room temperature (specific time depends on different models).
2. The latest ceramic heater is used inside, which is healthy, infrared heat transfer, promotes blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, improves body immunity, and has no electromagnetic radiation. It is an ideal product for pain relief, health care and winter warmth for patients with arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, lumbago and leg pain, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, chilliness, cold limbs, and cold pain in wounds.
3. Small and cute in shape, beautiful and generous in packaging, it is a good gift for relatives, friends and lovers.
4. With USB reverse charging function, it can charge all kinds of digital products, which is suitable for home life, work and carrying out.