Food is the essence of fish, and bait is one of the four elements of fishing. If the bait is good, it is easy to catch a lot of fish. If the bait is bad, you may not catch any fish. Catch different fish with different types of bait. Different fish have different preferences. So, what bait should be used for fishing? How are baits classified? Next, let's talk about the selection and use of bait.

1、 Vegetable protein bait. Many large carp, crucian carp, black carp, grass carp and other freshwater fish like to eat vegetable protein bait because such bait is rich in amino acids. Many commercial baits are added with soybean cake powder, cottonseed cake powder, rapeseed cake powder, peanut cake powder, sunflower seed cake powder, etc., mainly because of their high protein content, high nutritional value, and fish like to eat them.
2、 Animal protein bait. Animal protein bait is mainly fish, shrimp, shellfish, silkworm pupa, etc., with high protein content, rich in lysine, methionine, tryptophan and other amino acids. All kinds of freshwater fish have a great demand for animal protein at the young stage. Animal commercial bait generally contains animal materials such as fish meal, shrimp meal or silkworm chrysalis meal.
3、 Grain bait. In wild fishing, cereal bait is used most; The wine rice is also used frequently when fishing in Heikeng Fishing Ground. Grain bait mainly includes corn, wheat, barley, oats, sorghum, rice, millet and potatoes. Fishermen often use yellow millet to make various kinds of wine rice, and the effect is very good.